Meet Grain Café Chania

From ambitious cook & food journalist Giasemi Morou who just landed at Chania after a 10 years adveture in Berlin comes Grain Café Chania. A journey in high quality specialty coffee and breakfast craft, locally sourced dishes coupled with artisan espresso from our skilled and happy baristas.

Grain Café Chania has developed uncomplicated recipes for breakfast and brunch with main goal to provide healthy options and to highlight the exceptional taste of the local ingredients of Crete. Join the morning rush, swing by later at lunch time or order online; our customer obsession won't disappoint you.

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  • Breakfast
    Açai Smoothie Bowl (vegan) · 8€

    Smoothie bowl with Açai, banana, almond milk, seasonal fruits, flaxseed, Kokos flakes, granola, and peanut butter spread

    Chia Seed Pudding Cups (vegan) · 4.6€

    Made with fresh fruit puree, chia seeds and almond milk

    Greek Yogurt Muesli · 6€

    Greek Yogurt with granola, honey, almond butter and seasonal fruits

    Berry Porridge · 7.5€

    Warm porridge with seasons berry, roasted coconut flakes, peanut butter, chia seeds and honey

    Chocolate Banana Porridge · 7€

    Warm porridge with dark chocolate, banana, granola, almond butter and honey

    Yellow Porridge Vegan · 7.5€

    Warm porridge with almond milk, a mixture of turmeric, ginger and cinnamon, apple puree, fresh seasonal fruits, almond flakes and grape syrup (petimezi)

    Pancakes with honey · 7€

    nuts and fresh fruits

    Pancakes with hazelnut chocolate spread · 7.5€

    peanut butter and fresh fruits

    Pancakes with cheesecake sauce · 7.5€

    forest fruits jam and fresh fruits

    Cretan Sandwich· 3.9€

    Whole bread sandwich with Cretan cheese, spinach and tomato

    Hummus Sandwich· 4.6€

    Hummus with juicy carrot salad, lettuce, sun-dried tomato and Cretan avocado spread

    Vegan Bagel · 5.5€

    Bagel with roasted aubergines, roasted peppers, roasted zucchini, arugula salad, fresh tomatoes and pesto sauce

    Foue Sandwich · 3.5€

    Bagel with foue ham, myzithra (goat soft cheese), tomato, lettuce, caesar sauce

    Egg salad Sandwich · 4.6€

    Egg salad with multiseed bread, vegan mayo sauce, yogurt, pea, corn and lettuce

    Croissant butter · 2.5€

    with hazelnut chocolate spread + 0.5€

    with Cretan cheese + 1€

    Cinnamon Roll · 3.5€
    Cookies · 2.5€
    Muffins · 3€
    Energy Balls · 2.7€
    Cakes · 3.5€
    Sfakiani pita · 5€

    with pistachio & honey

  • Lunch
    Dakos, the original · 6€

    Rusks, grated tomato, mizithra cheese and extra virgin olive oil

    Hummus with olive oil · 5€

    Chickpeas spread with extra virgin olive oil and bread

    Basil Pesto Salad · 7€

    With emmer (Triticum dicoccum) pasta, cherry tomatoes and seasonal vegetables

  • Coffee+
    Espresso · 2€
    Espresso macchiato · 2.1€
    Cappuccino · 2.5€
    Flat white · 2.5€
    Espresso Americano · 2.2€
    Filter Coffee (V60) · 3.5€
    Latte · 2.5€
    Greek · 2€
    Freddo espresso · 2.2€
    Freddo cappuccino · 2.5€
    Matcha latte · 4.5€
    Tea · 2€

    herbal blend, green, or black

    Chocolate · 3€
    Smoothie Orange juice · 4.5€

    Kiwi, apple, pea protein and turmeric

    Smoothie Berries · 5€

    Spinach, banana, almond milk, matcha

    Ginger Lemonade · 3.5€
    Ice herbal tea Malotira · 2.5€

    Pomegranate and Honey, or Apple and Grape

    Sugar Free Lemonade · 2.5€
    Sparkling water 330ml · 2.8€
    Enjoy your coffee with almond or oat milk for 0.5€ more!

Open Mo-Sa: from 8am - 8pm

T. +30 28210 92247

Partheniou Kelaidi 1
73134 Chania, Crete